We’re Coming Together

2 min readSep 7, 2021

Hallo frens and degens, we are here to update you on how the Love has spread and the Society has grown.

This can be yours.

Our first collaboration project with featured artist @Tburd https://twitter.com/timtime has been picking up steam — the first sheet is over 50% sold out! When all hundred tabs have been purchased, we will initiate the raffle for the one-of-a-kind, framed physical blotter print.

Find the Collection here: https://opensea.io/collection/lsdao

And here: https://HAVEANICEDAY.wtf

This process has been filled with self discovery and innovation for everyone involved with with LSDAO, our growth is completely due to word of mouth and crunchy vibes from our frens.

To acknowledge and honor the overwhelming love and support from our first launch, we want to ensure that our initial lovers will be recognized for their faith. Hits from the first sheet will allocate a heavier weight within the DAO to holders in comparison to subsequently issued sheets. The ecosystem we are building will continuously reward early adopters. Your ongoing support of the Love Society will be reciprocated, over and over.

Hai Vinni

We intend to own the smart contracts which govern the HAVEANICEDAY NFTs, as well as all of our subsequent releases. As such, at a time to be determined, we will be migrating the HAVEANICEDAY tabs to our own contracts on mainnet. Afterwards, we will release our second-H.A.N.D. drop, featuring the inimitable ViNNiKiNiKi https://twitter.com/vinnikiniki/.

Society Updates

We are migrating our official Twitter outlet from @lsdao2 to @lovesocietydao https://twitter.com/lovesocietydao. Please update your rolodex. Please join the Discord https://tinyurl.com/lovesocietydao. Please love your neighbor. Please pick up after yourselves.

Stay tuned, you’ll love what comes next.

WEBSITE: https://haveaniceday.wtf

DISCORD: https://tinyurl.com/lovesocietydao

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/lovesocietydao


Have a Nice Day.




We are the LoveSocietyDAO, we are artists, musicians, developers, community people and web3 proponents above all.